49′ Robin Costume project

We have been crazy busy here at WS2 developing new product, fulfilling orders and….responding to some custom requests.  We thought you all might like to see some of this in development….pictures please….

Johnny Duncan as Robin

Johnny Duncan as Robin

The original costume which appears to be a wool  vest topstitched around the sleeve and hem.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 09.57.21

A good friend/client was able to speak with Johnny about the costume.  He shared the information he gleaned with us, clarifying the costume colors and Johnny Duncan’s height and measurements.

49 vest fabrics

Here we have a maroon wool, its lining and laying on top the emblem fabrics, evergreen and cream

DSC_0088 - Copy

Chuck, ever the consummate hunter…tracked down these vintage masks.  We are now the proud holders of a full box of old/new stock Robin masks.  Available soon in our Etsy store

49 vest pattern

The paper pattern on a male dress form. I was able to use our 66′ Robin vest pattern as a starting point to achieve the 49′ Robin vest pattern.  If you own our WS2 Wonder Boy pattern you could do the same if you like making your own cosplay items.

robin vest comp

Fun to see the side by side comparison of the two Robin vests.  The peplum has a slightly different shape to it, no collar, a wider shoulder(popular in the 40’s) and working laces.

Stay tuned for the final reveal.  Sew close now ….

6 thoughts on “49′ Robin Costume project”

  1. Nathan Fewell says:

    I absolutely love how you were able to recreate the ’49 Boy Wonder suit!!! I was wondering, what kind of fabrics did you use to make the Robin ’49 vest? How did you make the gloves and shoes? I’m asking because I’d like to replicate the old 49 serial Robin suit, and you are the only ones I’ve seen who made this. Thank you and keep making awesome stuff like this!

    1. Nathan, The vest, and cape were made from wools. The shirt is cotton and the tights and trunks are a cotton blend knit. The gloves I made using a medium weight suede. The Boots…are one of my special secrets, a technique I learned while working in theatrical costuming. Hope this helps you put yours together. If you decide not to do the whole costume yourself reach out to us at our Etsy store and we can create the tougher pieces for you.

  2. Jim Genardo says:

    Also, whatnis the standard size for men in the 66 Robin costume??

    1. If by standard you mean what was Burt Wards size? He had a 36″ chest.

  3. Jim Genardo says:

    Love the 66 Robin costume! Do you accept payment plan???

    1. Yes Jim, we do have a lay-away option. I will email you directly to explain further:)

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