66′ Replica Batcowl vs. Original

Original Batman Cowl to WS2 Replica Cowl overlay transformation
Many Thanks to Andy Fish who has generously provided us with this amazing transformation comparison of our Replica Cowlon Chuck’s original sculpture of Adam West to the Original Cowl as worn by Adam West.  What you are seeing is an animated fade from one image to the next and not a computer aided morph…meaning no photo shop trickery here.

We think it demonstrates Chuck’s amazing eye and attention to detail and Lynne’s ability to pattern, sew and take direction well.  Those of you who know us and hopefully love us…are aware of Chucks passion for the show and Lynne’s passion for Chuck…and costume fabrication which has made this dream a reality.

To all of our clients we extend our deepest thanks and gratitude for your continued support.


7 thoughts on “66′ Replica Batcowl vs. Original”

  1. Arturo says:

    Your replicas are amazing! I really appreciate the attention to detail in your work and the love you have for Batman. Do you have any advice for attaching the cowl to the helmet?

    1. Thank You Arturo, Covering the shell can be tricky. Chuck glues it at along the back and face.

  2. Lee Barrett says:

    Best cowl made. There is no comparison to any others. Thank you Chuck and Lynne for your attention to detail and dedication to quality.

  3. gordon smith says:

    the best ever i own 5 cowls, capes suits, gloves , and so on could not have done it with out chuck & lynnes help. they make your dreams come true !!! great people and good friends capecodbatman

  4. michael dougherty says:

    the best

  5. Paige says:

    Oh my! That is amazing. It looked so much replicate to each other. You both worked really hard on this. Congratulation on how much it turns out success for you guys!!! Love it! Impressive! 🙂

  6. Greg says:

    Amazing work Chuck and Lynne, and of course I will follow your blog. I am looking forward to seeing some tutorials!!

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