Active Wear – Navy Shirt : Part 2

I should give a prize to the person who can figure out what this is a picture of, right? Well the first clue is that its part of a shirt….after all that is the title of the post.

Okay enough foolishness. It’s a sleeve pinned into the bodice. I decided to sew the sleeve in prior to sewing the underarm, because although the cap height seems a little tall for this method, its a knit, and a stretchy one at that. So I pinned it at the underarm, notches, and shoulder seam. I sewed it in with the sleeve side up and while matching my cut edge sewed around the curve.

100_0346After sewing the sleeves in I over locked them and moved onto the side seams. Before over locking my side seams I tried the shirt on to check the fit. Hmmmm…surprisingly the underarm felt low especially for a work out shirt. I am surprised by this because remember in my first post I mentioned that I started with a size smaller then usual?

The solution at this point was you can see at left. The over locked seam is the sleeve seam. I brought my side seam in 3/4″ tapering it to the sleeve hem and to the bust in the other direction. This worked like a champ, and I was then able to over lock it as well. I hemmed the sleeves and bottom as I did for the yoga pants.

100_0353Well this is great I have a nice snug t-shirt in a lovely shade of blue, but honestly its a little boring. Here comes the fun, at least it was for me, but I seem to have a undeniable need to complicate every project…at least a little. I mean if a well fitting t-shirt made from stash fabric isn’t enough, that I feel compelled to jazz it up in some way, does this make me greedy? or a creative genius?

My husband and I had the opportunity not only to see the original Batman and Robin costumes from the 66 Batman TV show but we were allowed to try them on! Did I mention that my husband is a huge fan of the show..and that we make replica bat cowls for people? Needless to say this created quite a photo opportunity for us and our dear friend Mark Hardeman snapped a pic that has become a favorite of mine. Now enters another friend Scott Sebring who is a wiz on Illustrator, he very kindly produced this seal of approval using the aforementioned picture. I printed it out on a ink jet fabric sheet.100_0339

100_0348After printing I ironed it to help set the ink and peeled the paper backing off. Then I applied misty fuse to the back and carefully cut it our around the zig zags. Next I ironed it onto the shirt. Now….it has yet to be seen how well this technique will hold up through multiple washings, but I sure like the results and it makes for an interesting experiment.



This final picture shows my complete 66′ Batman workout wear! Its Williams Studio 2 approved! lol. I have more pieces to add to my work out wardrobe, but this should certainly brighten up the 6am cardio routine. Thanks for joining me while I sew, and tomorrow I will post the latest class progress.

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