1:6 scale Robin for DC

1:6 scale Robin costume in progress. Lynne Williams is a native Californian with 30 years of professional sewing and design experience. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, majoring in Fashion Design.
While in college Lynne worked with in the Fashion industry for American Trim, designing embroidery and appliqué’ patterns for various fashion houses assisting and overseeing production.

Upon graduation she moved into Hollywood and focused her career in Costumes for Theater and Film where she had the privilege of contributing to: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Honey I blew up the Kids, and a Lionel Riche video for “Dancing on the Ceiling” to name a few. Lynne also gained experience at this time in clothing and covering animatronics, working with fur and leather, developing “Walk Arounds” for various productions, all this while running a successful porcelain doll clothing business known as “H.H. Pinafore”. with her partner Sue Hammerschmidt. This dynamic team created beautiful reproduction and original clothes for porcelain dolls, developing a line of doll patterns known for their accuracy and detailed instructions.

Since moving to Wisconsin in 1991 her love of horses has inspired her to hone her tailoring skills in the form of traditional riding apparel along with some fun costume pieces. Diversity has always been Lynne’s forte creating wedding garments to window treatments for her private clientele. Currently Lynne is creating patterns and replica costumes with her husband Chuck Williams under the Williams Studio 2 banner while teaching sewing and couture techniques to beginners and advanced sewing enthusiasts.

Specialties:Pattern making, Dressmaking, Soft furnishings, Tailoring, Riding Apparel, Costuming, Action Figure Doll Costuming, & Sewing Instruction.

3 thoughts on “1:6 scale Robin for DC”

  1. Anthony Van Bruggen says:

    What a hoot! I work for Thinkway Toys and designed the Edna doll in your photo. Does it still work okay?

    1. love my Edna doll, great work! Have not replaced the battery in her for awhile but will have to try

  2. Brad McCurry says:

    No capes !!!!

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