Batman and Robin at the Red Bull Soap Box Derby


It was a rush job but we were thrilled to make the Dynamic Duos costumes for this fun and exciting event.  Watch the actual run on Sept. 6th.  Those Crusaders are brave Canadian Superheroes!!

You can watch their interview by a local news crew at the link below.

Pre race interview

3 thoughts on “Batman and Robin at the Red Bull Soap Box Derby”

  1. Sean Rowan says:

    Looking for Robin shoes

    1. You can purchase Robin Shoes from Duran Dance shoes in Los Angeles. They have a website:)

  2. Holly says:


    While searching for a good Robin (original/dick grayson version) costume I found a post you made a while back. I was wondering if you still had any available/still make them, and what the price would be if you do!

    I’ve been looking everywhere- and this looks like a dream come true! I’m a petite woman (planning on going as a Carrie Kelley) so I’ve had a lot of trouble with sizing (and pricing regarding a lot of the custom made ones).
    height: 5’1

    chest 33.5

    waist 28.5


    I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks,

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