Batman v Superman – For the love of capes

DC Entertainment released these 12″ resin statues at ComicCon this year.  They hired me to make the capes for this series.  Just one of the many services offered here at WS2.

DC Batcape benafleck

I always think of Edna Mode when I make capes….”NO CAPES” but seriously I make more capes probably than anything else.  We sell a lot of capes here at WS2 and I sew every single one.

Small capes…very small capes to average guy on the street size capes

DC Batcape2

Capes that go out looking clean and pristine and ending up all distressed.  Which is a bit distressing to me, but they do a good job at DC trashing em out.

dc superman vs batman cape


My personal favorite Superman…gotta love a man who wears red and keeps it clean:)

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