Caped Crime Fighter- Neckline

Our next tutorial will cover the completion of the neck edge.


This picture shows you how your finished neck should look when it is complete and this tutorial covers steps 6-11.  I think that steps 6 & 7 are clear enough, so lets pick up on step 8


neck bias pinned

I like to press my neck binding into a curve, matching the curve of the neckline so that it lays smoothly.  This is done on the right side of the cape because you will be turning it to the inside for the finished look, enclosing the seam allowance under the binding.

neck sa trimmed

Step 9 has you sew the binding to the neck edge and under stitch it.  To under stitch you press your seam allowance towards the binding and on the right side stitch a scant 1/8″ from the seam you just sewed.  Trim out the seam allowance close to the stitching as pictured and press the binding to the wrong side of the cape.  Pin it securely in preparation for step 10.

prick stitch on neckline

This is what your “pick” or “prick” stitches look like from both the right and wrong side.

pick stitch


How you achieve it is shown here.  I have used white thread in this sample so that it is easier to see.  The stitch is done from the right side and each “pick” is a tiny back stitch that is very secure and leaves what looks like a running stitch on the back side.  This stitch is commonly used on couture zippers and Bespoke suits.  Because this stitch is done from the right side you will need to feel where the edge of your binding is underneath so that you just grab the edge.

Once that is complete remember to give it a good press.

Hope this helps you with your Crime Fighting Cape.  As always if you need any clarification please post it in the questions so everyone can benefit.



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