Customer Appreciation Give Away!

Hold onto your capes and cowls friends because we are giving away a REPLICA ADAM WEST BATMAN COWL or REPLICA LYNDA CARTER WONDER WOMAN CAPE.  A $1500.00 value!!  We are so grateful for your continued support that we wanted to show our appreciation and what better way to say THANK YOU.

This is a rare opportunity to WIN A REPLICA COWL! Chuck is taking the replica cowl shell off the shelf to cast and allowing me(Lynne) to cut and sew a cover from his private stash of pristine custom dyed stretch satin.  We no longer offer this cowl for sale, but we would like to GIVE one to YOU!!

Being equal opportunity enthusiasts though we did not want to leave out our Wonder Woman fans so if you prefer you can have a Lynda Carter  Wonder Woman Cape.  This super glamourous cape is painstakingly recreated with all of its stars, beads and sequins.  This cape will add the drama to your costume or display


So here are the details:

Step 1 – To enter the Give Away you must be on our NEWSLETTER MAILING LIST.  If you have not already done so sign up now.  It’s simple to do by following the information in the right side bar.

Step 2 – Leave a comment on this post.

Step 3 – Leave a comment on our corresponding fb post

IMPORTANT INFO:  YOU MUST BE SIGNED UP BY DEC. 1ST 2014 to be eligible and the winner will be announced on Dec. 16th 2014.  Once the winning name has been drawn we will announce it here and contact you directly to learn your preference(cape or cowl)



315 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation Give Away!”

  1. Mark says:

    That cowl is the most perfect replica ever made by human hands to match the exact shape and look of the show and I too like most fans I know am glad that it’s blue and not purple like Adam’s cowl was. HOW MUCH TO BUY ONE??

    1. Thanks for the kind and generous remarks about our Caped Crime Fighter Cowl. You can find the current pricing for the cowls at our Etsy store ( see the shop button in the right side bar)

  2. Brian Bernardoni says:

    i have lost 100 pounds so I could have the opportunity to be a better dad to my four girls and so I could get fit enough to fit in a 1966 Batman costume. I am 6 foot 235 pounds now. I ordered the costume plans and I am fully on path now. Great stuff ahead and Imlook forward to a long relationship with you all! And I don’t care if I am late…thanks!

    1. Good for you Brian! Bet you feel like a million bucks. Thanks for placing your trust and confidence with us

  3. michael dougherty says:

    I’ve been Batman since 1966

  4. says:

    Simply Wonderful and thoughtful 🙂

  5. Tony says:

    Wished I would have seen this in time. Oh well, it’s still incredibly generous of you to do this. Thanks (and maybe someday I’ll be able to afford a cowl of my own)!

  6. Kim Vander Dussen says:

    simply the best

  7. david ragnar landrrum says:


  8. Tim Sherrill says:

    The craftsman ship is incredible

  9. Joel Andexler says:

    Love your work, especially the Adam West bust!

  10. Bradford French says:

    These replicas are simply sublime! Excellent work and attention to detail. So excited about the possibility of winning one! Thank you!

  11. rick sikano says:

    Awesome site. Hope I entered giveaway contest correctly

  12. Kevin says:

    I know it’s not right to ‘covet’…but I covet covet covet this cowl! PLEASE Santa!

  13. Jeff walters says:

    awesome craftsmanship would love to have one for my collection thank you guys……

  14. Hillary says:

    OMG…..I want to win Wonder Woman cape. I just love it!

  15. Matthew Dunn says:

    Dear Williamses,
    I’ve been following your work on the Bat-Board for a few years now, and you never fail to impress with your craftsmanship. I’m always looking forward to the next work of art.

  16. jeff says:

    wow! now that’s quite a giveaway!

  17. john austin says:

    Love my cowl. Hopefully I can win another!!

  18. Aaron Reynolds says:

    Your work is astounding.

  19. ida medina says:

    This would complete my outfit…. love this. .. 😉

  20. KerriLynne says:

    This would be an amazing birthday present (BDAY is 12/15)

  21. Jennifer Blaze says:

    That Wonder Woman Cape is amazing! Wonderful work!

  22. Tricia says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for holding this giveaway!

  23. Zach Howard says:

    Holy strawberries Batman, can you believe it! I think it is so awesome that you are doing this. What a great give away to start the holidays off. I have been gathering items like my old navy blue graduation gown for trying to put together my own 60s batman costume for next year. We throw a costume party every year and go to a costume judging at the VFW, next year we are going as 60s batman theme. Thanks for offering this great item to some lucky person. Have a great holiday!

  24. Hillary says:

    These are incredible! Big fans of Batman and Wonder Woman in this house. Would be grateful to win either, though I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the cape. 🙂

  25. Jeff says:

    What a phenomenal idea! Would be a wonderful prize!

  26. James Melanson says:

    Wonder Woman cape?! SWEET!!!

  27. Tanya says:

    I still to this day at the age of 41 will hide in a spot where I think no one can see me and spin with the hopes of when I’m done…. I’m WW and not just dizzy. lol
    Grew up watching Lynda Carter playing WW.

  28. Scott Mitchell says:

    Awesome. Been a fan of Batman series since the 60s.

  29. Myrna says:

    OMG…this is the best giveaway ever!
    Lynda Carter and Adam West are so iconic!
    You have such great replicas!

  30. Brad Rupley says:

    both the cowl and the cape look wonderful I think I would like to win the WW cape

  31. billy clements says:

    These look great, back to my childhood days, when life was simple.

    1. David Robushi says:

      I will bring it to Mohegan Sun, and show it to the audience at the next show. I will gladly plug you on or website blog @ facebook page… Pick me, I need this cowl 🙂 Your Bat pal David

  32. Christine says:

    I heart Adam West and Williams Studio 2 too.

  33. Brandon Dumlao says:

    i have BIFF BOFF & BAM tattooed on my left arm. This is the greatest give away ever. Good luck to everyone.

  34. Susan Leonard says:

    It would be Wonder-ful to win such a beautiful Wonder Woman Cape!

  35. Troy Casey says:

    What an awesome giveaway, a great opportunity for someone to own a perfect replica of a classic Batman cowl or Wonder Woman cape! Your reputation for top quality is clearly very well deserved, and thanks for generously affording fans this fantastic opportunity!!

  36. Phil Kansy says:

    Dear Santa: Forget previous list. This is all I need to make my Christmas merry.

  37. J Hauff says:

    Two fab items – what a tough choice!

  38. Scott Marthaler says:

    i have been a batman fan since i was born!! my brother and i used to dress up like batman and robin. i am four years older so i was taller and was batman. he was a shorter perfect robin. my mom hand made our batman and robin costumes to be just like adam and burt’s! we still have the costumes and the pics. i would now LOVE to have a cowl to start my batman costume i need now as an adult!!! I would cherish it FOREVER!!!

    1. would love to see your pictures Scott. Did she make them from the McCall patterns?

  39. Brad says:

    I would love to watch the Blu-Rays wearing a cowl!

  40. Charlie Smith says:

    This giveaway is so awesome of you guys!

  41. Xavier Resendez says:

    Amazing! This would be a wonderful Birthday gift!

  42. Joseph Daniel White says:

    Awesome opportunity. Thanks!

  43. Frank Brooks says:

    Wowsers! I want a Wonder Woman cape & I know my husband would want the Batman cowl…Cool!

  44. Travis Barbee says:

    I’m in. Too cool!

  45. Kim Gonzalez says:

    Love it!!!!!!

  46. Lee Barrett says:

    Dear Chuck and Lynn,

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of your Bat-tastic cowls. The two of you have been and continue to be the go to dynamic duo for all things 66 Batman and Wonder Woman suits. Thanks for your dedication to perfection, talent and great customer service.

  47. Cassi says:

    I didn’t even know about this site. Love the Wonder Woman cape!!!!

  48. Armando Licon says:

    What a fantastic promotion! Your costume replicas are the best!

  49. Bill Dunbar says:

    Since I sold my Ideal Batman Helmet before I moved, a Williams Studio replica of the TV cowl, where my Batmania began, would be an amazing addition to my remaining collection!

  50. Grant Haake says:

    You guys do fantastic work! I love the idea of the giveaway! Just another example of how well you take care of your customers! 🙂

  51. Kim Vander Dussen says:

    such beautiful work! what a great giveaway!

  52. Eliut Pena says:

    Winning this cape would be the best Christmas gift eveeeeeeeer!!! Wow!!

  53. Ken Williams says:

    Great idea…would love to win either one

  54. Gordon Wells says:

    What a great giveaway!

  55. lynda lucia carter says:

    would be like a dream having a wonderfull cape like the wonder woman series i would be so happy wearing that cape

  56. R.J. Renner says:

    Beautiful Cowl and Cape !!

  57. Duncan Willis says:

    HOLY COWL! Unless this is the fiendish work of our arch-enemy The Joker, this has to be the greatest, the battiest the most DYNAMIC giveaway ever Batman!

  58. Dale Armstrong says:

    These are not just collectibles, they are true works of art!
    Astounding, and after staring and drooling over the pics on facebook, owning one would be the ultimate!

  59. Mauro Balcazar says:

    Awesome contest!

  60. Matt Simas says:

    That WW cape is to die for!!!

  61. Chris Kurdes says:

    This is a great way to give back. I applaude you both for the idea and the effort.

  62. Bill Perkins says:

    Great work. That cowl looks so awesome!

  63. Mary Barnett says:

    Oooh…that cape has me drooling. I so want to spin in that thing!

  64. Bob Kieffer says:

    Hey guys! What a FANTASTIC giveaway…and opportunity. This is me putting my name in the hat (or cowl…ha!).


  65. Jeffrey Chajes says:

    This would be a dream come true!

  66. Brian Sheperd says:

    Great contest! Your replicas look amazing.

  67. Colin Mayne says:

    Marvellous work as always guys

  68. Tom Dunn says:

    I can say without hesitation that everything I have every purchased from these folks has been of the highest quality. They do everything first class.

  69. Scott says:

    Here goes nothin’!

  70. Rick Alfonso says:

    Quite the dynamic duo! Amazing work and craftsmanship! Thank you!

  71. John Breslawski says:

    best replicas around!

  72. Eric Seltzer says:

    I’m in. Very generous of you both!

  73. Steve Stevers says:

    the cowl looks great

  74. Ruth Fink-Winter says:

    Your attention to detail is just astonishing. You do beautiful work. Thanks for the giveaway; what fun!

  75. Stewart Patton says:


  76. Bob says:

    Thank you for the generous offer. I would be honored to win either piece.


  77. Jordan Reed Chapman says:

    You guys are the absolute best! Thanks for such an amazing opportunity!

  78. Joseph Caranci says:

    Awesome looking cowl! Would love to have one for my collection!

  79. Jane Bentley says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, I know someone who would be incredibly grateful of this cowl.

  80. Pam Stevens says:

    Winning this cowl would be totally fantastic. Your work is amazing.

  81. Jessica Stevens says:

    This would make me become the best girlfriend in the universe if I won this.

  82. Angelina Ruffolo says:

    Thanks for this extremely generous offer. It would be an honor to have this work of art on the Adam West Bust I bought from you, in my collection.

  83. Jason says:

    Beautiful work and fantastic offer. Thanks!

  84. Kurt Bergeron says:


  85. Steven Kirk says:

    Wow! Such beautiful pieces! That’s the real deal right there 🙂

  86. Allan Quick says:

    Thank you Chuck and Lynne. Best wishes.

  87. Jeff walters says:

    this is just awesome thank you so much for being generous and doing something of this nature for us the collector.
    Thank you

  88. Jeffrey Roberts says:

    Really first-rate work, thanks!

  89. Jesse says:

    The craftsmanship & attention to detail is genuinely remarkable !!!

  90. Mike says:

    Great offer. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  91. Ayame Chiba says:

    A Chuck Williams cowl is about the only thing that would get me to sign up for Facebook ^_^ !!!

  92. J Collins says:

    Very generous offer, thanks for all you do.

  93. Drew says:

    A very generous offer. Everything i’ve seen looks spectacular.

  94. Thomas Meuleman says:

    Great people who deliver top quality work. Won’t find a better cowl anywhere else

  95. Todd E says:

    Your cowl is a complete work of art! Amazing craftsmanship. It’s beyond compare.

  96. Greg Cochrane says:

    Perfection at its best..its like weve beentransported back to 1966 to see these great pieces of art. Your talents are amazing.

  97. Bruce says:

    Holy Incredible Offer! Winning a cowl would be awesome!!!

  98. Tony Ellis says:

    A Chuck Williams cowl would be the ultimate Christmas gift for any Batman fan and ditto on the beautiful cape for the Wonder Woman fans. Thanks Chuck & Lynne for such a great giveaway.

  99. ray says:

    great contest. awesome cowl

  100. Ron Gearing says:

    Yours[Chuck] and Lynne’s work is truly amazing and it would be soooooo cool to have one of your cowls!!!!!!!!!

  101. Ovi says:

    Great work, better people

  102. jerry Heath says:

    a cowl would be a dream come true.

  103. Chris Wittman says:

    An Adam West style cowl would be an awesome addition to my Batman collection!

  104. Luis Torres says:

    Holy giveaway chuck williams awesome

  105. Bob Michelucci says:

    Can’t wait to win one to wear!!!
    (The cowl, that is)

  106. Reuben says:

    Happy Holidays….Good Luck Everyone…..

  107. John Pace says:

    This is eerily realistic! One fantastic piece of art!

  108. Andrew Moore says:

    I love my ’66 Batman costume, made possible by the Williams Studio 2 pattern! An awesome replica cowl would be a fantastic addition!

  109. Jackson Rupert says:

    Wow! The cowl would be a dream come true!!

  110. Patrick Phillips says:

    OUTSTANDING WORK! Hope to WIN the Cowl!

  111. Damon Thrift says:

    Wow, what an amazing give away! Thanks! I hope I win!

  112. Craig Shemin says:

    Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods! This is the best giveaway ever!

  113. John Dodge says:

    i would love the chance to add a chuck cowl to my collection, I’ll put it right next to my billy cowl..

  114. Michael Frahme says:

    that would be a great gift for my 24 year old son!

  115. darren says:

    OMG…… a WW cape would hang sooo awesomely in my living!!

  116. Monica Imundi says:

    Your work is by far the best i’ve EVER seen! ! I’ve been a Wonder Woman fan ever since I was a tiny tot!! I will, one day, own one of your costumes <3

  117. Natasha Rees says:

    Our cowl collection grows….the pink cowl was such a birthday hit, you guys make batman dreams come true!

  118. Kelly says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love nothing more than a cowl! Thanks for doing this!

  119. Tony Intorre says:

    Best replica cowl/works of art in the Business.

  120. Ken Partridge says:

    You two are the Dynamic Duo you amaze and astound, your devotion to detail and quality is second to none

  121. Sal says:

    Love this site!!! I’m a fan of the show and all 66 batman stuff!! Great job!

  122. Christian Thayer says:

    While I don’t own any of these great items yet, I am saving what I can monthly to be able to afford one of Chuck’s perfect looking cowls! I signed up in hopes of winning one. I would wear it daily!

  123. Mitch Doremus says:

    I own a cowl, cape and trunks from Chuck and Lynn. They are by far the finest artists when it comes to Cosplay.

  124. Stan J. Koy says:

    Love this! Every childhood dream in one giveaway!

  125. cliff cash says:

    would make my Christmas,please pick me

  126. cliff cash says:

    I am a big batman fan,and love your work and hoped to have one of your cowls one day,but my wife got cancer and had to stop working,so moneys been tight right now. hope to win would make my Christmas,thanks for the chance,merry xmas

  127. Andy says:

    *BAM* **POW** *BIFF*

    Oh please let me win this,and then spend every last cent completing the whole outfit with Chuck and Lynne’s top quality recreations.

    Bring it on, Batman!!

  128. Tim renaud says:

    Thank you for helping keep our batman 60’s series alive. You guys do awesome work.


  129. Buddy Rogers says:

    love your products.

  130. Carolyn Wheatley says:

    Bang zap! Holy Bat cowl I want to win, please.

  131. Tyrone says:

    Every project you both undertake turns out amazing.

    Love my Monkees 8 button shirt Lynne created.
    The detail and talent into your work is the best of the best.


  132. Chris Woodside says:

    Among the best in the biz

  133. Greg Savage says:

    A chance at the holly grail of cowls, this is about the only time I ever sign up for a contest !!!

  134. Bill Hunt says:

    Riddle me this Batman: what has two thumbs and wants this sooo bad? This guy!

  135. Victor Otero says:

    If I don’t win this contest, I will definitely be saving up my batcoins for it in the future! What a dedication to detail and craftsmanship!

  136. Ed Olsen says:

    What an amazing contest!!! Keeping fingers crossed what an opportunity to win a Williams Studio Cowl!!!

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  137. James says:

    Every purchase from you has been of the HIGHEST quality. I always refer you to everyone looking for the BEST replicas of pop culture iconic items! Thank you for your incredible contributions.

  138. Eli Portlala says:

    This is so generous of Lynne and Chuck. Congratulations to whom ever wins the cape or the cowl because what Chuck and Lynne do, they just don’t make replicas, they make art.

    A huge thank you to Chuck for giving away a piece of his private stash of pristine custom dyed stretch satin for the cowl. That is if the winner chooses the cowl, I would.

  139. Sid says:

    i bought the patterns but would love it if you,did the dirty work. lol

  140. jim pinteralli says:

    I grew up watching the old series on TV reruns. I loved the colors, the flashy costumes and of course the car! I guess I don’t deserve to win anymore than anyone else does, but It would be “Holly Battastic”

  141. Joe says:

    You both do amazing work. Thank you so much for the opportunity to actually win something! 🙂

  142. Sean Smith says:

    Williams Studio2 do amazing work. Every item I’ve bought from them so far is of the highest quality. What a cool opportunity for us ’66 Batman fans!

  143. Andrew Murray says:

    I have been a fan of Chuck’s work for long time. I own one of the first cowls he made and I am still thrilled with to this day. Hence, I would LOVE the cape for my wife as she has been so supportive and my best friend for many years……She is a WONDER!

  144. J.J. James says:

    your work is amazing!!

  145. John Sholtz says:

    You guys are nothing but the best in more ways than one. Thank you for keeping our favorite characters well dressed.

  146. michael says:

    Been a fan since i was 5! I would loooooooooooove to own this amazing replica!

  147. kevin ciskowsky says:

    I had purchased a Adam West bust and was very pleased! I plan to buy 2 more items in the near future. Amazing work!

  148. Tom Stewart says:

    What a great thing to do, thanks!

  149. Rick says:

    Holy giveaways Batman!

  150. Terry says:

    What a great opportunity to win the absolute best Bat cowl around! Chuck and Lynne are the experts in all costumes Batman TV related, and along with everyone, I thank them for their generosity!

  151. Rick says:

    Wow! A most generous gesture from two extraordinary artists! Happy Holidays, indeed!

  152. john says:

    this would be the ultimate contest win for me. if i don’t win, i will still buy one.

  153. Dan says:

    Wow what an amazing contest! I didn’t even know you did Wonder Woman capes, my sister is a huge fan…Hmmm, which one to choose if I win?!?!? Thank you for your generosity and quality workmanship! Dan (Zeke)

  154. Dave Almeida says:

    Amazing work on this! This would be a prized (no pun intended) addition to my Bat ManCave!

  155. Bob DeSimone says:

    Very… VERY cool! Thanks to you both!!!

  156. Mark Puette says:

    Chuck, I’m very impressed that you picked up the torch and ran with it to create even more accurate costumes than I used to do back in the day. I would be very honored to have one of your cowls.You and Lynn keep up the the great work!

  157. Pierre says:

    If you don’t know Chuck and Lynne, you are not a fan of Batman or Wonder Woman. But, you have to know that those two people are two incredible artist. Everything they touch become a beauty! Fortunately for fans, they touch Batman and Wonder Woman! Thank you to keep these old version of these characters alive.

    You are both masters!

  158. Tiberius Kirk says:

    This is an extremely generous idea!

    Kudos to the Williams’!

  159. Joe Bohannon says:

    This much attention to detail = fine craftsmanship.

  160. Joe Ahearn says:

    What a great contest!

  161. John says:


  162. Tom says:

    You two are amazing!

  163. Robert Long says:

    This is an INCREDIBLE giveaway! These cowls are amazing! Wow, I would love to win one of these!

  164. James says:

    Wow, what a great contest! Thanks for the opportunity!

  165. Luis says:

    “Bats-incredible” chuck! Your cowls rule!!

  166. charlie says:

    that would be one heck of a Christmas gift!

  167. Saul Alvarez says:

    Chuck and Lynne has done it again!
    They give each piece a WOW factor that is beyond believe. My wish is to someday own my favorite Batman of all time and it comes in the shape of the Williams studios 1966 batman Cowl.
    It doesn’t get better than that.
    Thank you Chuck and Lynne for making these available for us fanatics!
    Until then, same Bat time, same Bat channel….let’s race to the bat cave!!!!!!

  168. Thomas "Batman" Webb says:

    Adam West is Batman!!! William’s Studio 2 is The Dynamic Duo of Design! I’m so glad I discovered you on etsy!!!

  169. Pat Williams says:

    You do AMAZING replica work!! Thank you from all of us older BATMAN fans.

  170. Bob Sprenger says:

    You guys ROCK!! Awesome work!!! Adam West is BATMAN!!!!!!!

  171. Shawn Gordon says:

    But what is a dream if not a blueprint for coragious action!
    Ahhh! I’ve dreamed of this cowl for a long time!
    Seriously outstanding!

  172. Mark S. Selley says:

    the quality and style is un real…i’ve always wanted a cowl since i used to watch the show as a kid….i used a hoodie and ben cooper plastic costume mask cut the bottom off so it was my chin and used my mothers dish gloves ….and cut a bedspread for my cape ….at least i FELT !!!……… batman….

  173. chris says:

    Chuck’s talents are endless & there’s no one in our age that can make a bat cowl like him….no not one.

  174. Tracy Dysarczyk says:

    Wow. Incredible work! I absolutely loved Wonder Woman and Batman . i have a lot of great memories “being” Wonder Woman as a kid. 😉

  175. William Crook says:

    I adore the work of the Williams Studio Duo and hope beyond belief…. Thank you for this incredible offer!

  176. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful, I know just the person who would love this.

  177. Andy Garringer says:

    Chuck and Lynn put their whole heart and soul into thir projects, the quality is amazing!

  178. Max Weremchuk says:

    Regardless of went before or what came after, the Adam West Batman cowl version is simply the best there is. Good to see it made available in this outstanding quality.

  179. Scott Sebring says:

    110% of how I look in costume is due to the excellent work of Chuck and Lynne. Whatever they touch is gold.

  180. Mike Mulitsch says:

    An unbelievable item , from unbelievable people, since I 1st saw Batman and the episode the hooked me as a kid , Batman stands Pat , and seeing the jury and the cowless Batman , sitting there , I never saw the lumpy costume, of the scratched head , I saw a dream , I guess Chuck and Lynne have made us all “Mad Hatter” my life won’t be complete until I get Batmans cowl
    Jervis Tetch

  181. Kathie Popp says:

    You both are an inspiration…thank you for keeping the important things in life alive!

  182. Fred Bock says:

    I’ve been admiring Chuck and Lynne’s work for years, and I can’t wait until the cowl I ordered arrives to see it up close.

  183. Ivan Tabac says:

    Chuck and Lynne’s work is incredible! I have a number of their pieces and couldn’t be happier.

  184. Louis Szabo says:

    These Cowls are the best and thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  185. Scott says:

    Williams studio 2 the only realistic costume replicas
    in the market today.

  186. Jeff Breden says:

    Thanks Amazing!! You guys are wonderful to offer something so special. Your work is first class. Have my finger crossed…..

  187. Matthew Rees says:

    I have been dealing with Chuck for many years. From my first Adam West Cowl, through to the Contaminated Cowl my wife gave me for my 50th. Always a pleasure to work with. Do yourself a favour.

  188. Lee Kirkham says:

    You will not find a finer, more top shelf replica cowl than this one from Williams Studio 2. Chuck & Lynne, you two are the best, bar none!

  189. Patrick Whitcomb says:

    I already own your Batman cowl and headsculpt and it is just an incredible piece of artwork! I ave a rather large collection of memorabilia and it is the centerpiece of the collection.I have a dear friend named Wes McCue that made a wonderful Adam West Captain Action costume for me when I was really down when my Mom died from Alzheimer’s disease and I have never been able to really repay him for his act of kindness.He is the one that always told me about your incredible cowls and how much he wished that he could afford one,but it was always just a little out of his range.I would love nothing more than to present Wes with one of your wonderful
    cowls,it would make his year!

  190. Korey Durham says:

    Your cowls are incredible. Ive admired them online for years though as a young newlywed I wont be able to afford one anytime soon. Keep up the good work. It would be an honor to own one day!


  191. William Coxe says:

    What a great opportunity!

  192. Roger Wheatley says:

    I love the Batman and Robin Patterns I got from you guys. I have started gathering the things I need to make the batman costume. It would be awesome to win that Cowl to complete my costume.

  193. jimmy leszczynski says:

    Wow! A chance to win a Williams cowl? Nobody does it like Chuck, and this would be a dream come true! ………..
    Sorry i fainted thinking about watching my blu ray wearing “THE” Cowl, i’m better now.
    Love your stuff as always Chuck and Lynne- love it more on my head!

  194. Ryan Udelhoven says:

    Great (and creative) contest giveaway! I’d love to win.

  195. Don says:

    Awesome, would love to win one of those. Big fan of batman 66 shows.

  196. Bobby Hutchison says:

    Wow, this is an insane opportunity. I love your work and talent. You guys are the best!

  197. Chris petropoulos says:

    Would love the amazing cowl. You guys do such great work would love to have this work of art!

  198. Mark says:

    Your work is amazing. Happy thanksgiving!

  199. Frank Ricchiuti says:

    Chuck and Lynne, What a great gift for one of your lucky fans, And this is why we keep coming back, A heartfelt Happy Holidays to you both and keep doing what you do best.
    Thanks again,

  200. Jeremy Burke says:

    Me wants!! Darn cool!!!!

  201. Chris Woodside says:

    Perhaps the best known!

  202. Brian Jones says:

    I’d love to win this, it would be the true centerpiece of my BAT-CAVE!

  203. Ben Dishner says:

    Love that cowl

  204. Tyson Lorenz says:

    I would love this !

  205. Andy Raab says:

    Such an AMAZING offer! Wowee!! Somebody’s going to be very, very happy with this prize. Thanks, Chuck and Lynne, for such an incredible GiveAway!

  206. Kyle Leisner says:

    I have always been a huge Batman and Robin fan. I grew up watching the 60s batman. I have even met Adam West, Burt Ward and other cast members multiple times! I would love to win the cowl! Happy Thanksgiving!

  207. Anthony Van Bruggen says:

    WOW! I have been wanting one of your amazing cowls for a very long time. I would be honoured if I was lucky enough to win one.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  208. John ODell says:

    Would love to win those are cool as hell.

  209. Wayne Tillett says:

    Amazing that you are doing this for the fans . Somebody is going to have a Batabulous Christmas !

  210. John El-Hajjeh says:

    By the power of Batman and Adam West, I hope to win Chuck and Lynne’s amazing Wonder Woman cape and 1966 Batman cowl!!! A true work of art and masterpiece!!! Thanks guys!!!

  211. Bryan says:

    i think i have seen every episode of batman and wonderwoman. love them

  212. Rick Stasi says:

    What can bring a bat-fan more joy than one of your fantastic pieces?!?
    Cowl-a-bunga!..Great for my bad hair days, too!

  213. Veronica Orosco says:

    Actress here with a completed Wonder Woman replica costume, you guys made the bottoms we preview our Wonder Woman film trailer Dec 6th! We gave you IMDB credit for the costume contribution! Now to just win that cape AMAZING!! Love you guys! Veronica O SAG Actress!!

  214. Wws1fan says:

    Cool cape baby!!!

  215. Scott Licina says:

    You guys are the best!

  216. Bill McCarthy says:

    You two are amazing and talented beyond belief! Happy Thanksgiving!

  217. Patrick Sikes says:

    The most generous offer to Bat-Fans everywhere at the most magical time of year. Thanks guys!

  218. Sue Grau says:

    As a long time Wonder Woman fan, I would dearly love to have that cape on display!

  219. gordon smith says:

    wow what a great deal from two of the best people ever and dec 16 is my wifes b day what a present to me or her

  220. Chris Rooks says:

    I have always wanted a Adam West Batman cowl. Ever since I was a little kid watching the show. I think you both do such amazing work. Thank you for doing this contest.

  221. JT Golightly says:

    Wonder fantastic!!!!! Fighting for our rights in your satin tights. Wonder Woman!

  222. Kathy Koenig says:

    My hubby would look so CUTE as BATMAN! I can just hear him say ALREADY… “To the BATCAVE, Robin”….I mean KATHY! LOL

  223. kevin barrett says:

    thanks for the chance

  224. Daniel Guertin says:

    Wow, a BATMAN cowl, would be the best gift EVER for Christmas! You guys ROCK!

  225. Eric. baker says:

    I am friends with Pete C and he introduced me to your work. You guys do brilliant work.

  226. Ashley says:

    This sounds like so much fun! Who doesn’t love playing dress-up?

  227. Lee "The Batfan"Johnson says:

    I would of course love to own one of your cowls as they are the culmination of research and skill for a perfect recreation of the original 🙂

  228. Graham Roberts says:

    Holy Awesome Giveaways Batman! …. What an amazingly generous treat on offer … and just before Christmas too!

  229. ChrisP says:

    What a great thing to do – tops off a very Bat-tastic year!

  230. Mark Willis says:

    Holy Batcowl! This is so awesome! You guys are the best of the best! It would be an honor to win this work of art! Been a Batman fan since I was six in (66)! Mark

  231. Brett Pearce says:

    Awesome! If companies would stop sending me bills and the bank would stop insisting we pay back our mortgage, I would have got one of these ages ago!

  232. paul says:

    I love Lynda Carter!!

  233. Greg Young says:

    Thanks so much for this awesome contest! It’s going to be difficult to keep my fingers crossed for over 3 weeks but I figure I have nothing to lose by trying! IF I am the lucky winner, you can be sure that I will be wearing your cowl with pride!

  234. Cully Waggoner says:

    The best Batprize ever. I would love to add this to my collection.

  235. Larry Westlund says:

    This is an awesome thing that you are doing. I would love to win this just so I could display it on the Adam West bust I picked up that Chuck sculpted.

  236. Chase Meehan says:

    An Adam West Batman cowl is something that I’ve only dreamed of owning. I’m only 15, and have only been in love with the show for a few months now, but that, of course, does not lessen my desire to own such a work of art. This would forever replace my $6 plastic Dark Knight mask that I settled to buy for Halloween. I could never afford such a piece that you are offering; I’ll be fortunate to get the recently released DVD/Blu-Ray set. Thank you for keeping the spirit of the bright knight alive!

  237. robert price says:

    Thanks for this chance to own one of these awesome cowls! Its the only way I could ever be able to own one! You guys are great!

  238. Andy Fish says:

    you guys really are the dynamic duo!

  239. Marco says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, would love to win this. it would be my first piece of the 1966 batman costume.

  240. John Whitt says:

    Hi Chuck & Lynne!

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!
    I am a PROUD owner of 2 of your cowls!..and NEED A THIRD COWL! 😉

    I just thought I’d enter and see what transpires!…I’d keep it for a DISPLAY piece!

    Hope you have fun with this contest and Thanks for offering up such a great prize!

    “Bats” Regards!

    John Whitt

  241. Dan Williams says:

    My Batman costume, made from the Williams Studio patterns, was a huge hit on Halloween! Love you guys!


  242. Jennifer Fox says:

    what a great give away! This item is gorgeous…. You’ve done a beautiful job on it. I have love Adam West’s Batman since being a small child. He is my Batman for life. Your bust is soooo spectacular as well.
    Happy Holidays to all the Bat fans out there and good luck to each one of us.
    And thank you to Williams Studio for such an exciting give away.

  243. Jennie wood says:

    This would be phenomenal to win, I cosplay as 66 batgirl (budget version lol) and would love my other half to be batman with me!

  244. Jason Wright says:

    Outstanding detailing on all of your creations! Never seen so much care put into replica costumes.

  245. Brenda McLean says:

    A WONDER WOMAN CAPE??? OMG!!! Winning that would be the single greatest thing that could ever happen to me! Life has been… well… less than desirable, but b/c of my love for WW and what she stands for, I have been able to channel my inner WW, work through my struggles and remain standing firm!

  246. Kirk Pafford says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    The cowl and cape are both incredible!
    Thanks for the contest!

  247. Thomas Dwork says:

    Thanks for your awesome artistry! Happy Thanksgiving!

  248. Shane Cox says:

    the 1966 Batman cowl!! The inner 5 year old kid in me is very excited!!! What a jackpot that would be to any Batfan!! Leant wait to find out who wins!

  249. Robert says:

    You’re cowl is the best! Keep up the great work!!

  250. Simon says:

    Really cool items the cowl would look great on display in my living room.

  251. Robert Nowell says:

    Thank you for the generous opportunity to possibly win a Batman cowl.

  252. Darin Klatt says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Chuck and Lynne. Give me enough time to clear off space on my bookcase for that fine Batman cowl.

  253. Chris says:

    I’ve already stolen the hats from those twelve men on the jury… and Batman’s cowl makes thirteen!

  254. Mike Lewis says:

    The Adam West Batman cowl is awesome! If I were to get one, I probably never take it off! Lol

  255. Geoffrey Prince says:

    I have for a long time admired the artistry and craftsmanship from your studio, and the idea of owning one of your Wonder Woman capes is truly exciting! What a great (and generous) prize! I am wishing myself luck!!!

  256. Ben Bentley says:


    Chuck and Lynne, thank you for such a generous offer!

    I wish the best with 2015 and based on the amazing quality of work you have shared with us over the years, in the words of Bill Dozier “The best is yet to come!”

  257. Jim Britton says:

    sounds awesome. I’d love a Batman Cowl!

  258. Frank Thurston says:

    These folks are true MASTER CRAFTSMEN! No detail is left unturned! If you want only the best, the finest, the crème de la crème…look no further!!!

  259. Ken says:

    Holy special delivery! What a great idea. Very thankful for all your great work. Happy holidays batfriends!

  260. Dan Barkhimer says:

    This is so incredible and so generous! I appreciate what the two of you do so much! I have already purchased many items from you and just love the quality of work and attention to detail. We batfans would never have had the opportunity to acquire such accurate replicas if it were not for your love of the original show and your expertise. Now my son is developing a love and appreciation for all things Batman 66. I am glad to be passing something so dear from my childhood to him. Thanks again for this awesome opportunity!

  261. Fred Kurtzweg says:

    With all the give-aways that are out there, this one means more than most. A true piece of art and history at the same time.



  263. roy nightingale says:

    Wow Chuck and Lynne thank you so much for your hard work if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have an adam west batman costume as accurate to fight crime with I always wanted to get your replica cowl but unfortunately I’m not as rich as billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and couldn’t save the money up for the cowl but now your giving this opportunity to own one I’m taking no second thought of entering, I’ve decided as well I want to make my costume more accurate and soon start doing hospital visits and try and do good with my costume the accurate cowl would make my outfit complete for that thank you so much for both your hard work its so aappreciated.

  264. Dave Mason says:

    Perfection. love it!

  265. Ben says:

    wow..what an opportunity.
    love all the work you guys do, and have the items i’ve ordered are beyond perfect!
    would love to win an amazing cowl

  266. Mike says:

    Great work, Happy Thanksgiving!

  267. Ed Olsen says:

    You guys are awesome!!! What an amazing prize one of your Batman Cowls!!! Been wanting one forever! Happy Holidays to you both!

  268. Daniel Dubois says:

    This Batman cowl is my dream of a life time…ok I may be almost 60 years old but for this item i’ 15…lolll….hope i could win it for my personal collection and for the next comiccon in montreal

  269. Joey Carolan says:

    Amazing! Ill start cleaning off a spot for my new cowl and keep my fingers crossed!! :0

  270. Martin says:

    Any citizen would be proud to own this cowl!

  271. Peter Valentin says:

    Incrediably realistic !!!

  272. Keith Capasso says:

    Hi Lynne helped me early in the year with a batman costume. If i do happen to be the lucky winner I would like the wonder woman cape for my girl who is a big Linda Carter fan. Thanks!

  273. Brad McCurry says:

    This cape hits me in my childhood ! So amazing !!!

  274. Greg Burrow says:

    This is simply amazing! Both of your work is simply amazing! I’m using your patterns to make a 60’s Batman for myself so I can join Heroes Alliance and do Children’s Hospital visits. I’m already a part of the 501st Legion star wars costuming club, the Finest : a G.I.Joe costuming club, the Ghostbusters ATX, and Starfleet. Through these clubs I’ve done many charity events, and Children’s Hospital visits. It’s incredibly rewarding to see children and adults get excited and happy when we show up. I can’t wait to add 60’s Batman to my line-up! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, research, and talents!

  275. Jenny Byers says:

    Holy best costume prize ever! Really want to win. Thank you for offering such a wonderful contest.

  276. Vince Nardi says:

    Fingers crossed! I have coveted one of those for a very long time!

  277. Frank Manley says:

    Holy Give-a-ways a wondrous prize of Amazonian proportion!

  278. Keith Howard says:

    Holy Grail Batman!!! This is almost too good to be true. I can already see the shrine I will build in honor of the Chuck Williams studio with this as my centerpiece if I win. Thank you for the opportunity!

  279. Todd Felts says:

    Amazing work! True craftsmanship!

    “Santa, baby,
    …a ’66 cowl and a cape,
    would be great.
    And a lasso of truth,
    from my youth.

    And hurry down the Bat poles tonight!

    Thanks, you two!!

  280. Scott Sheaffet says:

    If I ever win the lottery, a Chuck cowl and a Racop Batmobile are first on my list!

  281. Sally Agramonte says:

    I just want to say thank you again for my costume!!! I hope I win!

  282. Richard Kaufman says:

    Chuck’s bust of Walt Disney is one of my most proud possessions. Uncle Walt looks over my shoulder every day at work.

  283. "Sheldon Cooper" says:

    The pair of you are all kinds of awesome! Happy Thanks Giving!

  284. Matt Rumpf says:

    An awesome cowl indeed, I would be honored if my name came up. Thank you Chuck and Lynne for this opportunity!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  285. Chris Mason says:

    Your work is top notch… The Batman cowl has been on my wish list… HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 🙂

  286. jim Tucker says:

    you guys made my ww bracelets their amazing can i win the cape please

  287. jim Tucker says:

    u guys made my wonder woman bracelets there amazing can i win the cape plaese

  288. Jeremy Yocum says:

    i would absolutely love to win the Adam West batman cowl
    I love Adam West and the 1966 batman more than any other batman
    I would be honored and very appreciative
    I would treat it like gold

  289. Chris Mason says:

    Your work is top notch.. The Batman cowl has been on my want list… HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 🙂

  290. Jay Pimentel says:

    The craftsmanship is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. Great people… Great customer service… Super talented… Super helpful! They just all around rock!!!

  291. Jim Moore says:

    Lynne & Chuck are truly the modern day Dynamic Duo! Great items, great talent and always there to answer questions.

  292. Christopher Chaisson says:

    What an incredibly generous gesture to bestow! Good luck to everyone that enters!

  293. Brian Ashmore says:

    Beautiful work!! Thanks for the entry!

  294. Joel says:

    A very happy Thanksgiving to two very talented and giving people. It truly is unbelievable what these two create.

  295. Mike Gallo says:

    The quality and detail the Williams’ put into their work is astounding. Winning this cowl would be the highlight of 2015 for me! Definitely a big fan of your stuff and will be ordering more in the future.

  296. Robert Yoman says:

    I was 6 at the height of “Batmania” in the 60s. We had it a little rough, but we never knew it. Best memory was actually meeting Burgess Meredith at a restaurant and finding out that he didn’t really smoke!

  297. Robert Rondinelli says:

    You guys blow me away with your skills! Outstanding!

  298. Walter Woody Forbes says:

    You all are such wonderful spirits and anyone that will own either one of these master pieces will have a treasure

  299. Leon Wasiak says:

    Nice!!! bout due to need a replacement..u guys are the best…great idea.

  300. Peter McLaughlin says:

    What a great offer-thanks Chuck & Lynne

  301. Chad Byers says:

    So amazing you’re doing this! A Williams cowl is exactly what I need! Happy thanksgiving!

  302. Brandon Dumlao (BINDU) says:

    i think this is awesome and good luck to the winner!
    I have read all threads on the cowl process and am in awe of the amount of energy put in to make this masterpiece.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  303. Dan says:

    Awesome! Thank you for the great work. I ordered the Caped Crusaders patterns and they are excellent.

    Thanks again,

  304. Brian says:

    Very Awesome. A dream come true!

  305. I honestly hope that whoever does win will appreciate the SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousAWESOMENESS of the prize they are getting! 😀 Without question it would be the crowning jewel of my WW collection.

  306. Larry Solitrin says:

    I know I never win anything unless of course I am bidding…lol. This has escaped me for several years, and every time I try saving, something else happens to interfere with this acquisition. You already know just how much I want this from all of our correspondence but maybe, just maybe this is my time!!! Owning “The Sacred Cowl”

  307. camille says:

    Thank you!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  308. I hope I win the prize cowl

  309. Carl Quirarte says:

    When I win the lottery, I know we’re I’ll shop.

  310. Comment away friends:)

    1. Scotty Fusion says:

      If I win can I have a Bat Cape instead? I already have a super AWESOME Williams Studio Bat cowl. Did I mention ITS AWESOME?!?!

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