Hardeman Project

Williams Studio 2 is the partnership of Lynne Williams, a trained pattern maker and former Hollywood costumer and Chuck Williams, professional sculptor and former artist at The Walt Disney Company.

The costume patterns being offered were created by Williams Studio 2 utilizing the access granted to the original screen used costumes owned by Mark and Sherry Hardeman with a special “Thanks” to our friend Nick Rizzo for helping to make this happen.

Some pattern pieces were created completely by Lynne Williams to reflect the original state of the costume piece rather than its current condition but always using the original piece as reference.

ws2_about_02Every detail of their unique construction has been painstakingly documented and made available to you here in these patterns.

To bring you the LIMITED EDITION FABRIC SWATCHES in the proper colors has been a personal endeavor for Chuck Williams, a fan of the show since childhood.

Tracking down these fabrics has literally taken years. Many are no longer manufactured and must be searched for as stock in fabric stores all over the world.

ws2_about_04Here is your opportunity to have samples of the fabrics in the correct colors without spending years tracking them all down.

Another special “Thanks” goes to our friend Wally Wingert who shared a swatch of the original cowl fabric he had dyed at the same company that dyed the fabrics for the show. He was directed there by none other than Jan Kemp, friend and costume designer for the show. Thanks to Wally for storing this fabric so carefully, we had a sample of the original blue to match the color to for our cowl fabric.

When placed next to Mark Hardemans 45 year old original cape, the fabric colors matched beautifully!

So whether you want to create your own costume, curious about the measurements of the Utility Belts or want to know what colors to use for your next model kit, the information gathered in these patterns will answer your questions about these iconic costumes from the sixties.

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