Interview with Victoria Gridley about WS1001 Wonder Boy Pattern

Love this picture of Ben and Victoria hamming it up 66′ Batman style. Ben purchased his Caped Crime Fighter suit from us, boots included while his friend Victoria made her Robin Costume using our WS2-1001 Wonder Boy pattern. They were kind enough to share pictures with us of their debut in Australia this summer and when we saw these pictures we had to reach out to Victoria to give her a huge “Atta Girl!”

Wonder Girl - Victoria G.

Victoria agreed to answer a few questions for us about her experience using our pattern, which are long on information, but short on formal instructions so let’s see what we can learn.

Lynne – Thank you Victoria for the fabulous pictures and taking the time to answer my questionnaire regarding your experience with our patterns.

Victoria – You’re welcome, I had an absolute ball making this! And your pattern made it 100 times easier then if I had to make it all up!

Lynne – How much sewing experience do you have? Do you consider yourself to be a beginner, intermediate or advanced sewer?

Victoria -Probably intermediate, I am in no way a professional. I’ve been sewing roughly 5 years now and haven’t had formal training at all. I took a small class once that’s about it.

Off to Cosplay in Australia

Lynne – What prompted you to make your Robin Costume?

Victoria – Ben wanted to be Batman and we got talking about it. I LOVE 1960’s batman, I love puns and cheese. Its my favorite of the batman’s because of that. So being Robin was a dream come true, we’ve been wanting to do this for years! I’m glad we finally got around to it

Lynne – What/if any alterations did you make to the patterns for fit/style?

Victoria – Haha, the underwear was the main alteration, I guess it wasn’t made for lady hips and the fabric I used wasn’t particularly stretchy, I had to double that pattern to make it work but aside from that the rest of the fit was actually perfect for me! The only thing I changed otherwise was the collar for the cape… I didn”t understand the cape collar and the cover component. I got a bit confused so I just stiffly interfaced my satin and used your base collar pattern pieces and ignored the cover part.

Lynne – Creating the collar that way is what I recommend for Cosplay. The cover was created on the original suit to make it easier to replace when it became stained and worn for makeup and beard stubble and unless you are making a replica for display it is completely unnecessary. This is also the technique I use for our Cosplay version of the cape that we sell in the store.

Victoria as Robin

Lynne – How would you describe the difficulty level of the pattern?

Victoria – Not for beginners but definitely easy for intermediate sewers. Out of 10, I would probably say a 5 or 6. Some of the pieces like the glove attachment you need to obviously have a glove pattern to amend or something like that, so having a sewing knowledge would assist greatly. Also if you need to adjust the tunic sizes etc you need to have the knowledge on where you increase the values and by how much. Its easy if you fit it but making adjustments can get difficult if you aren’t experienced.

Lynne – In addition to the pattern instruction did you refer to any online classes, tutorials, blog posts, etc?

Victoria – I looked at a picture of an open mans collar for a good long while, they confuse me… I have never understood them but I think i did alright in the end. It was probably the hardest part to overcome in the whole costume. (besides the gloves)

Lynne – What fabrics did you use?

Victoria – I used a thick suiting fabric with slight stretch for the tunic, with a felt patch for the R. I used a yellow satin, pretty much party satin maybe the next step up from that (I know blasphemy)for the cape, as well as a cotton jersey for the tee shirt and undies. Real leather for the boots, belt and the gloves. The gloves also have felt on the inside for stiffness.

Lynne – What was you overall impression of the patterns?

Victoria – I was overwhelmed at first because of the number of pieces, especially since some bits I couldn’t see, like the rest of the glove pattern and the tee shirt pattern. After filling those in with patterns I had I started making it which I found it was really easy to work with. To the point I finished from start to finish in 3 days.

Lynne – I glad you brought that up. The pattern only provides the template for the length and shape of the glove gauntlets and while you can make them up as you did, combining a glove pattern with the gauntlet template you can also purchase ready made gloves and attach the gauntlet to them. The t-shirt on the show was a ready made Jockey shirt which was dyed to match the trunks. The trunks were made from a very stretchy fabric which is no longer being made in cotton, so regardless if you are male or female you will need to increase the size of those trunks. Really impressive job on those gloves by the way!!

Lynne – What was your overall impression of the instructions?

Victoria – To me a little confusing but I’m just not good at reading instructions. I’m a visual person and between the abbreviations and technical terms I managed to figure most of it out just by how the patterns fit nicely or the notations on the pattern pieces. I have a tendency to ignore instructions.

Ben & Victoria as Batman & Robin

Lynne – Did you make your boots and gloves? Did you find the pattern templates helpful?

Victoria – I made the gloves from scratch, this was the first time I ever made gloves and I made them out of leather. It was pretty good, I kinda suck at them but the template was useful! I also ended up lining the cuff with a stiff felt for extra firmness to give the shape. The boots I got handcrafted by a local shoemaker, so we didn’t use the pattern there. But she did an awesome job!
I also constructed the belt from leather, I had no idea what to made the buckle etc out of so I ended up using mdf for the buckle and dowling for the little stick bits, your measurement guide was mighty handy!

victorias gloves

Thanks for making such awesome products and thanks for the contact! This has been a fun venture and its all because of your handy patterns 😀

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  1. ronnyrains says:

    Victoria, you looked much better as the Robin as yourself, least I thought you were adorable just a mask the costume and go lol.

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