Monkees Bib Shirt – Muslin

monkee bib shirt 1

Chuck is proving so helpful with this project.  We  analyzed the available photos to help determine some width and length proportions.   I created a pattern in my cad pattern system based on that information and the clients measurements.  Having completed the muslin for the Monkees bib shirt in my clients size it was then time to try it in a muslin to check fit, function, and style.

The fit:

Chuck is the same height but narrower in the chest and has a shorter arm length, so I am real pleased with the fit.  It’s a bit wide through the shoulder and long in the arm which should prove perfect for the client.




The Function:

The shirt has a tapered fit through the waist which requires a zipper along the left side seam.  Chuck could just get the shirt on and off but we felt it could use a few more inches in the zipper length to make changing easier.

The Style:

Real happy with the bib length and width.  The collar was adjusted from the pattern to this muslin to better reflect the length and point angle.  The facing is a total fail, must rethink that…not sure what I was thinking the first time actually, but this is the value of a muslin, you get to work out the kinks.

   Were you a fan of the show or just their music?

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