A Replica Shirt Fit For the Monkees

A recently completed Replica Monkees shirt was a custom request from a private client.
Monkee shirt

The original shirts worn by Davey,Mike,Mickey & Peter were of red or blue as seen here:

Monkees_468x388 monkees-60s-24

My client requested it in black but with the original details which includes 4 hole buttons, bib front…
Monkees bib front

Side zip to achieve the mod 60’s fitted look…

monkees side zip


Our client Tyrone was kind enough to provide us with a video of himself in the shirt so that I could see how it fit him.  The male dressform that I own is a 36, which is quite a bit smaller than the average Monkee these days, so although we can see the details of the shirt on my form the fit looks much better on Tyrone.  Hurray!!

Video of client in his new Monkees shirt by WS2


18 thoughts on “A Replica Shirt Fit For the Monkees”

  1. Michele Doyle says:

    We are a group of teachers looking for 4 of these shirts in red for a Lip Sync show in April. Please contact me with the price.

  2. Debbie says:

    I really like your shirt, how much are they and do you ship to the U.K.?

    1. Thank You Debbie, You can order the shirts thru our Etsy Store https://www.etsy.com/shop/WilliamsStudio2 Yes, absolutely we ship to the UK

  3. Natalie Rios says:

    I’m a size 22 large female do u make them I purple?? I’m a Senior and I would watch the Monkees when I was 10-11yr!! LOL Now,I’m 62!! Would love to get one!!

    1. Hey Natalie,

      Yes we can make them in Purple. I was a fan of the show myself so I hear you, brings back good times. The shirts are available in our Etsy Store at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WilliamsStudio2 You will need to ask for a custom listing to order in your size and color.

  4. mike Tweedy says:

    Guys– sure like to get one of the Replica Shirt Fit For the Monkees in black. or White with Black buttons

    I’m a 2X kinda guy.. hope you can assist with pricing and schedule for the shirt ( 12-14 weeks?) How about the belts? do you source those ?

    1. Hello Mike,

      You can order the shirt in our Etsy Store at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WilliamsStudio2 or click on the shop link at the top right side of the page.

  5. Lee Vogrich says:

    Interested in red Monkees shirt.
    I have a weird size,
    Neck 16″
    Sleeve 36-37
    Chest 48

    Please advise price.

    1. Hello Lee,

      “weird” sizes are not a problem because I custom make each shirt. You can purchase on by clicking on the shop link at the top of this page. It will take you to our store where you will find the listing for the shirt.

  6. Michelle Paura says:

    Hello Lynne!
    I was hoping to purchase a red Monkees shirt for my boyfriend for Christmas. Would there be enough time for you to make one & have it shipped to arrive by the 25th? Also, please e-mail me pricing, maybe he needs two 🙂

    1. Thank you for the inquiry. We are generally on a 10-12 week turn around time so I will be unable to meet your deadline for this Christmas. In the past clients have placed a picture of the item in a small box or in a stocking to let the recipient know on Christmas what they will be getting and when:)

  7. Bruce says:

    Hi Lynne,

    Beautiful work! Can you please send me prices?

  8. Pam Johns says:

    I am interested in the pricing on the red 8-button Monkees shirt. Thanks!

  9. Thank you for your interest in this fabulous shirt. I will email you directly on how to purchase a custom shirt in the color of your choice

  10. Fred says:

    I would like to buy a few of the monkees double breasted shirts please can you contact me back with price’s

    1. Thanks for the inquiry, I will contact you directly with pricing and additional information.

      1. Dwayne L Gobin II says:

        How much are the Monkees shirts and do you have them in red?

        1. Yes Dwayne, we can provide them in the classic red and blue. Please be advised though that I have not seen the shirts in person so the color choice is based on my best guess from available reference and not a direct color match like our 66 Batman items.

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