WS2 featured on 13th

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Tweeterhead’s Secret Bat-Weapon:Chuck Williams Chuck has had great fun not to mention feeling completely honored to help Tweetterhead with their Classic Batman line of products.  Chuck served as their expert on the costume and color to help get all the details correct.  Dan Greenfield interviewed Chuck on his experience with the project which you can … Read the full article

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Interview with Victoria Gridley about WS1001 Wonder Boy Pattern

Ben Grimshaw wearing a WS2 Caped Crime Fighter suit and Victoria Gridley wearing the Wonder Boy suit she made from our pattern WS2-1001

Love this picture of Ben and Victoria hamming it up 66′ Batman style. Ben purchased his Caped Crime Fighter suit from us, boots included while his friend Victoria made her Robin Costume using our WS2-1001 Wonder Boy pattern. They were kind enough to share pictures with us of their debut in Australia this summer and … Read the full article

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